Chairman's Message

“On hindsight, my late father Elder Ang Oon Hue had made a wise decision to convert the school into a home for senior citizens, providing welfare services for  the elderly and needy.  It was also his intention to put into practice the Christian teaching of extending kindness to our fellow men, especially the poor, destitute and the aged.

After the completion of our new block of 250 beds in May 2016, Ju Eng Home is able to accommodate up to a total of 522 residents.  Our staff strength will be increased to care for the additional residents.   With such heavy commitment, we need to continually raise funds through various means to support our estimated annual operating expenses of about $16m.

My sincere thanks to all companies, churches, schools, temples and many other community and social groups who have been Ju Eng Home’s partners from beginning till today and contributed their time, effort and finance so that  Ju Eng Home  is able to expand into one of the largest Charitable Nursing Homes in Singapore.

I would also like to express my appreciation to my fellow Board Members and volunteers for their support, and my dedicated staff who have served our residents with true compassion.

Thank you and God Bless!”

Elder Lawrence Ang Poh Siew, JP, BBM,PBM



Founder Bust Statue
Bust of Ju Eng Home’s Founder, The Late Elder Mr Ang Oon Hue, BBM
Chairman Elder Mr Lawrence Ang with Myanmese staff, the bride and groom, who celebrated their wedding in the Home.









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